Hire a Photo Booth for a Fun Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday is just around the corner. You can hire a professional photo booth to add unexpected fun to the party. Photo booths fit every party theme and every age. They are fresh and unique. Photo booths create a great momento from your child’s party for your guests. Here are some great photo booth ideas for your child’s next birthday party.


  1. Sweet 16 Party

For your daughter’s Sweet 16 Coming Out Party, add a photo booth. The children are already dressed up in their finest for the night. It is a great time to take a picture. The guests will be drawn to the photo booth throughout the entire party. Friends, couples, and families will want to get together for a picture to remember this special occasion.


  1. Unicorn Birthday Party

Hire a white horse with a unicorn horn for your child’s next birthday party. Use your unicorn for the photo booth pictures. Request your guests wear pastels to the party. With the green grass and pastel clothing, the photos will turn out magical and stunning. All the children will be in awe of the unicorn, making picture taking easy. Individual shots or groups shots can be taken.


  1. Clown Birthday Party

Hire a professional photo booth for your child’s clown party. All the children could have their faces painted for fun. Red sponge noses, wavy collars, and crazy wigs will complete the look. The children will love to see themselves in a picture looking so silly. The professional photo booth will give the children something fun to do and a remembrance to take home too.


  1. Beach Birthday Party

Either go to the beach or bring the beach home for your child’s next birthday party. Colorful sun hats, water accessories, fold out chairs, and umbrellas will set the scene for your professional photo booth. Your photo booth could be set up at the beginning of the party and the pictures can be ready to take by the end of the party. Provide seashell stickers for the children to decorate their clear acrylic frames for a complete look.


  1. Fishing Birthday Party

For your child’s next birthday party set up a fishing rodeo at a local pond. Hire a professional photo booth to come take pictures of the children and the fish they catch. Tackle hats, warm sunshine, and knotted fishing lines will make for some great memories to capture. Have plenty of parents on hand to help out with the fishing needs for the younger children. No one else will have a fishing party like this one.


Your child’s next birthday party is going to be memorable with a professional photo booth. Each detail will be captured and preserved for years to come. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised, not expecting a photo booth. All that remains is to choose the theme. Hiring a professional photo booth (quick plug: Photo booth hire york) is a must have for your child’s next birthday party!