How to gain more traction on Soundcloud?

Getting more traction on Soundcloud can seem an insurmountable task when you first begin uploading music. Millions of artists have songs on the music platform, and more upload new music every day. Standing out on Soundcloud then is difficult.

It is possible to gain more traction on the music platform, however, even with so many artists on there being so much more well known than you. Follow these tips to get started.

Include your fans in what you are doing — One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Soundcloud is to ignore your fans. One of the smartest things you can do is include them in everything you are doing with your soundcloud promotion.

Ask for their feedback, ask which is their favorite track, find out why they like your music and answer their questions. Ask them to share your music on their social media platforms, and thank them for their help.

By including your fans in your musical journey, you give them ownership and so they not only support you even more, they introduce your music to other fans as well.

Woo the right bloggers — If you want to get your Soundcloud account notice off Soundcloud, one of the best ways to do that is to woo the right music bloggers.

These are people that write about new music, and that can send thousands of new fans to your Soundcloud account by just writing one article about you.

Do not waste your time on the big sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum or Rolling Stone. Instead, go for the mid-range blogs that have influence, but that are not inundated with requests to promote music.

Work with other Soundcloud artists — Do not try to gain more traction on Soundcloud alone. Instead work with other Soundcloud artists, and each of you promote each others’ work.

This opens your music up to the fans of each of these artists, and theirs to yours. Thus giving all of you a chance of gaining new fans, and thus more traction on the site.