Is it worth registering for paid streaming services like Netflix and Hulu?

If you love to have access to all the TV shows and movies you have always wanted to watch, you may be wondering if it is worth signing up for paid streaming services like Netflix and Hulu or should you stick to free sites like 123movies?

After all, if you do, you are tying yourself to a monthly subscription service that will cost you well over $100 a year.

Access to all your favorite shows and movies — Signing up for Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services is often worth it as you get easy access to all your favorite movies and TV shows. As well as to things you have always wanted to see but have not been able to afford.

Easy to use — Both Netflix and Hulu, and other paid streaming services are easy to use.

All you do is register, search for movies and TV shows that you like and then add them to your library. You then have a library of things to watch whenever you want to. Plus, as you can have an unlimited size of library, you will be able to save everything you find that looks interesting. Meaning you will never forget you wanted to watch a show again.

Easy to find shows — The search functions of all paid streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are so easy to use, you never have to waste time looking for your favorite shows again.

They even pull up other shows and movies that are similar to the show you are looking for, so you can find other content that may fit your interests as well.

National and international content — Netflix especially has a huge library of international TV shows and movies, as well as all the national content you want to watch.

If you love to watch difficult to find shows and movies, or are a fan of indie or foreign films, Netflix is the way to find them.

Inexpensive monthly fees — When you consider paying to see one movie at the movie theater is well over $15 with drinks and snacks, a Netflix fee of just $10 a month is incredibly cheap.

Especially as it allows you to watch anything you want, whenever you want to watch it and all for the same monthly price.

Three devices at the same time — Even with a basic account, you can usually have two to three devices hooked up to Netflix and Hulu at the same time. That means you, your spouse and your kids can be watching different shows at the same time, and never have to worry about one of you having to watch a show you are not interested in.

You can watch anytime — People also love paid streaming services like Netflix and Hulu because they can watch them anytime and anywhere.

You can watch them at home, on the way to school, on your holidays, even at work on your break if you want to. In fact, if you want 24 hour a day entertainment at any time, then a paid streaming service will give you that.