Should you watch the most popular shows on Netflix?

If you are a Netflix subscriber (little plug for comment avoir netflix gratuit), you have probably seen the Trending section that shows you all the shows that are currently the most popular on the streaming service.


Today’s society being one that often attempts to persuade people that popular is the bes often means you feel pressure to watch them.


Should you watch the most popular shows on Netflix, though? Or are there better ways for you to spend your time?


Choose your shows by your tastes — It always pays to look at the Trending section on Netflix every time you open the Netflix app, as you will often be shown shows you may not have known about otherwise.


Many of the popular shows on the Netflix Trending section are incredibly good shows, and so are well worth watching. Other shows are pretty terrible.


This is why it usually pays to watch shows because you are interested in the subject matter, rather than watch shows just because everyone else is watching them. Choose the shows that interest you, and you are less likely to be bored or disappointed.


Just a few minutes of your time — Having said that, you can often watch just a few minutes of a popular show and realize it is not something you will like.


The beauty of Netflix is that you can watch it and, after realizing you hate it, turn it off and watch something else. After all, it does not cost you any money to watch a show, and the only thing you lose is a few minutes of your time.


Shows on current events — Some of the most popular shows on Netflix are about current events. Whether that is a murder, a crime, a natural disaster or a political situation, it often means you can learn more about something happening in the world today.


If you are interested in keeping abreast of current events then, yes, watching popular shows on Netflix can help you do that. You can also learn a lot from them while you view them. So much so, you can even use them in conversation when you are out at a social event, giving you even more of a benefit from watching them.


Keeping up with conversation — If you spend a lot of time in social situations, watching popular shows on Netflix can often give you something to talk about to someone you have not met before.


After all, with so many popular shows being watched by hundreds of thousands of people, it is highly likely someone you meet may have watched it and liked it too. If they have not, a good popular show can be a great topic of conversation. Especially when it comes to recommending someone else watch it.


Stick to your own tastes — The main things wit popular shows is to only watch the things that interest you, and avoid the rest.


After all, why watch a show just because it is ‘popular’ when it is about a subject you have no interest in?