The Top 5 Gaming Development Companies That Continue To Rise For 2019-2020

The gaming development industry has a lot of different companies. These online games have been on the rise in 2019, and a lot of these companies are bound to have a major effect in 2020 as the gaming industry evolves. If you want to stay up to date on the gaming and esports scene, you simply have to check out the game blog to receive news on updates and upcoming game launches.


  1. Nitantic

People that are recognizing gaming apps and gaming companies cannot overlook what Nitantic has offered. The Pokemon Go game is one of the most profitable games from this company. It was owned by Google at one time, and it continued to grow and become a major player in the gaming industry.


  1. SuperCell

Another one of the big gaming companies is a development company called SuperCell. This company has been around for almost a decade, and the Finland headquarters is where huge games like “Hay Day” and “Clash of Clans” was developed. This company has a 10 billion dollar market value.


  1. Sony Computer Entertainment

The Sony brand has been around for a long time, and this company has continued to be a dominant for in the gaming industry. People that are fans of the PS4 gaming consoles are enjoying games like “American Horizon,” “Jump Force” and “Metro Exodus.” There are also a lot of sports games like the MLB games that come from this Tokoyo based gaming development powerhouse.


  1. Bandai Namco

The Anime world is growing stronger everyday, and the people that want to see these Anime characters showing up in video games are going to look to Bandai Namco to get their desires fulfilled. There are a plethora of games like “Tales of Vesperia,” and “One Piece: World Seeker” for Anime fans that are developed by the Toyoko based Bandai Namco.


  1. Konami

This is another Tokoyo based company that brings a lot of casino styled games to the forefront. There are a ton of online casino gamblers that enjoy Konami games.