Using custom printed stickers to create a successful marketing campaign

When it comes to creating a successful marketing campaign for a business you own or manage, it may not have occurred to you that custom printed stickers could be a fun and inexpensive way to do it.


Ordering custom printed stickers is easy, they can be printed in any color, any design and any size and shape, and their cost is usually quite low per piece. These are just a few of the reasons you may want to look at them more closely.


What are custom printed stickers? — They can be stickers in any shape, size, color, font and design. They can be simple, complicated, funny, interesting, unique, cool or weird. These stickers can advertise anything you want, and can be ordered in small quantities or large by companies like Vancouver Sticker Printing. In other words, whatever type of sticker you can think of as a good way to market your business can be printed in just a few days.

Things to consider when designing custom printed stickers — The most important thing about designing a sticker to market your business is that it stands out.

A good way to achieve this is to have them printed in an unusual shape. In the shape of a house for a real estate company, or a hamburger for a restaurant, for instance. Then look at the color of ink you choose, the font and the size. Make all of this as bold and interesting as possible. Or, if designing images is not your talent, then use a funny quote or comment. Anything that draws a potential customer to the sticker, and then makes them remember it and you.

Stickers in a variety of sizes — Do not just order one size of sticker and only use that. Instead, order a variety of sizes. That way your stickers can be used as bumper stickers, as refrigerator decorations, as product stickers to draw attention to the price of your products, or in special mailings. You can even use them as envelope sealers, or on packages to highlight a new service or product you will be offering.

Just remember, the more you order of each size, the lower the cost will usually be per sticker.

Where to use custom printed stickers — Once you have placed your order, and received your first stickers, it is now time to decide where to put them and who to give them to.

Start by placing them on bulletin boards around your neighborhood. Then give some to everyone you know, and ask them to distribute them to other people. Stick them in your car windows, or use them as bumper stickers. Place them on the front of company brochures or programs, to draw attention to something inside. Give them to kids to put on their skateboards, or to students to place on their folders, text books, laptop covers or skateboards. As long as you make them cool and interesting, plenty of people will be interested in using them.

In other words, custom printed stickers are versatile and can be used to market your business in hundreds of different ways.