What are the benefits of a private Instagram profile?

The default privacy settings of an Instagram page are set to public. If you switch the settings to private, your content is only visible to those who follow you. While many individuals like to share snippets from their lives and their audio and video content with others, others want to keep these aspects hidden or private. Once they make the profile private, their content is not visible to the public anymore.

If a certain Insta account is private, you cannot access its content unless you send a follow request and the profile owner approves it. Whether you want to keep your profile public or private depends on what you want to achieve through your Instagram handle.

Why choose to go private; the benefits

This article explores a few benefits of having a private Instagram profile. Continue to read below.

Your content stays private:

Having a public account means that you have no control over who has access to your account. If you are a private person and do not want strangers looking at what you share, going private may be right. With a private account, you can easily choose who you want to share your content with.

Your content is in your control.

Copyright issues are rampant nowadays. If you have invested time and energy in creating unique content and generates a lot of engagement, you would not want anyone to copy your idea. With a public account, you cannot control access to your content at all. A private account gives you control over your content. It, therefore, maintains the uniqueness of your content by keeping it private for a few selected individuals. You can control who gets access to your account and who does not. Though keep in mind some tools like instagram private profile viewer provide a way around that.

The element of mystery=more followers

There is a certain appeal in keeping things exclusive. Mystery tends to pique people’s curiosity and tempts them to explore more. It creates hype and generates interest. Therefore, if you keep your account private, people might find that intriguing and may want to follow you to explore your content. Moreover, it may also give people the idea that you prefer quality over quantity and maintain your originality. As a result, it can cause a stir and catch people’s attention. Individuals craving good content may be tempted to follow you to find out more. It may ultimately lead you to gain more followers.

You can retain your followers.

As mentioned earlier, a private account cannot be accessed without an approved follow request. Individuals may choose to stick with your page for fear of missing out. People may want to continue to follow your page since, if they un-follow you once, they would have to send a request again if they want to follow you. It helps you in retaining your followers.

Going private? Read this

While there are many perks of having a private account, you must consider a few points before you take the leap. First, if you choose to go private, you reduce your chances of high visibility. Your content will be visible to your followers only. Even if you use hashtags, your posts may not appear in the search because of privacy.

If you have a business Insta account and choose to go private, the status of your account will shift to personal. However, a business account cannot be private, so you will have to let go of the perks the business account offers if you want to go private. These include the shop now options and the facility of access to Instagram Insights or Analytics that can help you create targeted content for your desired target audience.

Therefore, the decision to have a private Instagram account must be weighed against the pros and cons. You may evaluate the expectations and objectives you want to achieve with your Instagram account and then decide accordingly.