What are variable rifle scopes?

A variable rifle scope provides the opportunity to change the magnification setting easier than most of the other scopes on the market today. This provides the shooter with the opportunity to adjust it for close shots as well as long-distance shots.


Especially when going after dangerous game, this is a feature that any hunter wouldn’t want to do without. After all, dangerous game needs to be taken with a close shot versus a long-distance shot which could create a dangerous situation for any hunter.


The Components of a Variable Scope

Every type of scope has different components than the other types of scope. With a variable scope for rifles, you’ll find that it includes components such as:

  • Elevation Adjustment
  • Eyepiece
  • Objective Bell & Lens
  • Ocular Lens
  • Power Ring
  • Wind Adjustment

If you’re completely new to the world of variable scopes, you might want to do further research in order to uncover what each component does specifically. Knowing the different components that contribute to the overall working of your firearms isn’t only safer, but it’s wiser.


What’s the difference with magnification?

Whereas your typical scopes will have a set magnification setting, variables will allow you to set it to where it’s just right for your vision. This allows hunters to gain a clear picture of their target. If you use a typical scope, you might find yourself confronted with blurriness and unclear pictures of your target.


Perfecting the Sight for Various Elevations and Wind Speeds

Different terrains and weather conditions come with their own set of complexities. Experienced shooters have found that being able to account for this when getting their target in sight allows for a more entertaining experience than if they were unable to tailor their scope to the environment.


Buying a Variable Rifle Scope Online

So now that you’ve discovered the true power of this rifle scope, it’s time to find the best places to buy them. Keep in mind, that if you want the same grade used by law enforcement and military, you’ll want to opt for tactical variable rifle scopes. This is the term used to classify those specific types of scopes as they’re more precise making them much different than your average scope used for hunting.

As for the best place to purchase them, you can find them on various gun marketplaces online like https://adventurefootstep.com/. Sometimes you can find them on the manufacturer’s website directly. The best part about buying them online ifs that you usually find the best prices as well as the most variety. Whereas your local gun stores might have a higher markup and limited selection.